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Wagashi store in Tokyo

Eitaro's kintsuba

Why is Eitaro’s Kintsuba round?

Kintsuba is one of the Wagashi(Japanese traditional sweets). They are made from anko(red bean pastes) which was dipped into the very light batter and cooked. Th...
Eitaro Sohonpo in Nipponbashi

Eitaro Sohonpo’s establishment at Edo period

  Eitaro Sohonpo in Tokyo, Nipponbashi is known for the old Japanese traditional sweet store which started off with Kintusba. Mr, Masaki Hosoda told us abo...
Wagashi shop “Suzumeya” in Ikebukuro

Wagashi shop “Suzumeya” in Ikebukuro

Suzumeya This wagashi store is located on the tranquil back street in Ikebukuro district. The closest station is Ikebukuro and it takes 7 ~8 min on foot. This s...
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