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The origin was Paris?? Tokyo’s sidekick Anko sweet

Ohagi, Zenzai, Monaka, Kintsuba, in those sweets Anko’s existence is prominent. However, the sweets in which Anko play sidekick role are also great. Why don’t you try some?

Kagurazaka(神楽坂) is popular for the resemblance to town in Paris. Rock Tatami or fashionable stores remind them of Paris town.

Around 2012~2014, after I gave birth to my child I used to go there for massage for breast milk. What bothered me every time I visited this place was whether I bought Japanese sweets or Western sweets. I used to buy Japanese sweets at Kinozen(紀の善), and Western sweets in Patisserie K-Vincent. It is said that western sweets that contain a lot of milk doesn’t do breast milk good and I felt a little bit guilty fro the midwife who gave me a good massage so Japanese sweets won.

Kinozen is located at the entrance of Kagurazaka. This store serves Anmitsu, Oshiruko, shaved ice. Among all of them, my favorite is green tea bavarois. Ujikintoki(宇治金時) is the trade mark of the mix of green tea and Azuki. However, the mix of Azuki and green bavarois and cream is as delicious as Ujikintoki. The main is green tea but Azuki and cream also play important roles and it makes the flavor of green bavarois much deeper. It was a very hot day in summer when I first ate this bavarois. Chilling out at the second floor’s Tatami, I ate it for the first time. Ever since then, I am a fervent fan of this sweet. I was always hungry after giving breast milk to my child, so I even have eaten hot Kama-meshi and brought green bavarois to home.

I said that Kagurazaka is very similar to Paris town but the places I would you like to visit are Akagi Shrine(赤城神社) and Tokyo Daijingu(東京大神宮). The former one is very stylish and modern. Mr. Kengo Kuma, who is also in charge of establishing New National Stadium Japan which is going to be used in Tokyo Olympics designed this shrine. After I gave birth to my first child, a friend of mine gave me the luck charm and I visited this shrine to pray. It was the first time for me to visit Kinozen. The latter one, Tokyo Daijingu worship the God of Ise Jingu as you can tell from the fact that this is called Tokyo’s Oise-san. This shrine started the wedding at shrine. You may come across the nice wedding when you visit this place.

ADDRESS:Kinozen Building, 1-12, Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


Writer with childrenMiKi
Writer with children, lives in Tokyo. She loves sweets. She used to eat only Western sweets but after her nurses suggested that she eat Wagashi to improve the breast-feeding problem, she noticed the deliciousness of Wagashi and has taken to eating Wagashi. She would like to let people know the information about the stores you will want to visit many times, you can buy souvenirs or you can go with your children.
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