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Simple boiled azuki(red beans) —Shibunuki free, sugar free—

Simple boiled azuki(red beans) —Shibunuki free, sugar free—

In the bustle life, I assume there are many people out there who have not boiled azuki(red beans) on their own and cook anko(red beans paste) even though they like anko(red beans paste), or who think it’s normal to buy anko(red beans paste) at the supermarket or store.

However, it’s very easy to cook and boil azuki(red beans) in comparison with other beans.

This is because all you have to do is put beans into the pot with water and turn the heat on.

Moreover, there are some recipes which enable you to save more time. In this article, I would like to introduce how to boil azuki(red beans) in the shortest time.


< Ingredient >

Serve     boiled azuki 660g

Azuki(red beans)  300g ( 360 ml)

Water                  600ml


< Time >



< Instruction >

1 Put azuki(red beans) on the pan and fry them ( 2 min)


2 Put fried azuki(red beans) in the pot and pour 500ml water and turn the heat on high


3 When start boiling, turn the heat to the low and add 100ml water


4 When start boiling again, turn the heat lower and boil them for another 30 min, until the water evaporate


5 Pick those beans and smash it with your fingers. If those beans are soft enough to be smashed, it’s done



< Pro Tip >

In order to save time, skip the process of “ Shibunuki” (removing astringent taste) and let beans soak the all water while those beans are being boiled. Also the first process, frying those beans, makes it possible for you to remove bitter taste and save time. I recommend you use azuki make in Hokkaido cause it tastes sweet and good.

article from   Jun kato “Dr,Azuki teaches us what amazing Azuki power!”.

出典 『あずき博士が教える「あずき」のチカラはこんなにすごい!』加藤淳著、KKロングセラーズ発行。


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When I was struggling to strike the balance between raising her children and her work, Azuki rice or Azuki food helped her out to snap out of it and become healthy. Before this experience, she used to work at cosmetic industry and was aware of the importance of food for the beauty. After going through the tough experience, she started to want to contribute to the women’s beauty and make them happier through Azuki and started the business.
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