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Making your body never get cold.

Making your body never get cold.

Unbalanced diet disturbs you to warm up your body

Cold sensitivity is a state in which your metabolism is not functioning well to maintain your body temperature. If your nutrient intakes are unbalanced, the state of cold sensitivity may get deteriorated.

Your body needs to generate energy in order to burn the nutrients you have taken into the body properly and to regulate body temperature normally.

The energy in the body is generated by enzymatic decomposition of carbohydrates represented by starch contained in rice and bread. The function of enzyme is helped by vitamin B1.

Azuki beans contain abundant vitamin B1 that generates energy

Vitamin B1 is very important for your body. It is essential to produce necessary energy for maintaining life activities and motion. If vitamin B1 is deficient, the energy metabolism of carbohydrates deteriorates, interfering with the body temperature regulation.

Moreover, accumulation of fatigue substances such as lactic acid in the body can cause symptoms such as numbness of limbs, palpitations, and swelling.

Azuki beans contain plenty of vitamin B complex, and vitamin B1 in particular is abundant. Pork belly, the most commonly known as a food with plenty of vitamin B1, contains 0.62 milligrams in 100 grams. Azuki beans are as the second largest to contain as much as 0.45 milligrams in 100 grams.

Boiling Azuki beans reduces vitamin B1 to 0.15 milligrams or about one third, which is still close to 0.22 milligrams of beef liver known as a food having a high content of vitamin B1.

It would be better to take Azuki beans in a form of boiled beans, rather than bean paste which contains much less vitamin B1 if you are willing to take more of the compound.

Written by Jun Kato PhD

Jun KATO, PhD.​
Department of Nutritional Sciences​
Faculty of Health and Welfare Science​
Nayoro City University​
Former​ Director General
Donan Agricultural Experiment Station
Hokkaido Research Organization  

Source from 『「あずき」のチカラはこんなにすごい!』

Translated by Azusa Yoshida.


Japanese-English Translator

Azusa Yoshida is working as a translator for the industrial media for forest products. She is excited about the project to spread Japanese azuki beans to the world.
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