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Red beans Falafel

Red beans Falafel

In this article, I will introduce the recipe of traditional Middle Eastern food, Falafel, used red beans as an alternative to fave beans.
Basically this traditional food includes a lot of spices. However, this time we used only curry spices, garlic, green pepper, and pepper, which made it taste like Arabian Croquette.

The ingredient is free from gluten. You can also use rice flour or wheat flour instead of “ Soba-ko”.


(for 2 people)
・oatmeal 1/4 cup
・A green pepper 1/2
・wheat flour 1 tbsp
・cloves garlic 1/2
・curry spices 1 tsp
・black pepper 1/4 tsp
・salt 1’4 tsp
・oil for frying
・boiled red beans


How to make

1 Pour oatmeal into your food processor and pulse them
2 Put ingredient A into your food processor along with oatmeal and pulse until a rough, coarse meal forms
3 Boil the red beans and drain. Put them into your food processor and pulse.
4 Separate the mixture into 6 and form them into round balls.
5 Fry them with 180℃ oil for one minute.



・If the ball won’t hold together, it means that that contains too much water or too less water. In this case, add oatmeal or water to make it more paste-like.
・You can add other spices, such as cumin, garam masala, cinnamon if you like.


Azuki Editorial TeamChief EditorMika Wada
When I was struggling to strike the balance between raising her children and her work, Azuki rice or Azuki food helped her out to snap out of it and become healthy. Before this experience, she used to work at cosmetic industry and was aware of the importance of food for the beauty. After going through the tough experience, she started to want to contribute to the women’s beauty and make them happier through Azuki and started the business.
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