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Let’s finish Sightseeing in Asakusa with soft Dorayaki

One of the most popular sightseeing spot in Tokyo is Senso-ji(浅草寺). There are so many places and foods that are worth visiting and eating. Of all of them, my best spot in Asakusa is Kameju(亀十), Dorayaki’s store. (Dorayaki is a Japanese red-beans pancake.)

My favorite course is going through the famous Kaminarimon(雷門), which I bet you’ve seen on TV or magazines, and past the Nakamise-Dori street(仲見世通り), overflowing with Japanese stuff foreigners like, and finish praying- ringing the bell and vowing. I enjoy Omikuji (random fortunes written on stripes of paper) This temple’s Omikuji is known for the high rate of Kyo(凶 bad luck). Later, I take a photograph of me and Tokyo Skytree and Asahi beer company along the Sumida river. After that I stroll in the city on a whim, like actually visiting Skytree or getting on the water bus and going Hama-Rikyu Gardens(浜離宮恩賜庭園)or Odaiba(お台場).

There are so many delicious and traditional Japanese foods in Asakusa, such as Sukiyaki, Tempura, Dojyou, Monjya, those kids of foods or Youkan at Funawa(舟和), Imokin at Mangando(満願堂), Mamekan at Umezono(梅園), green tea gelato at Asakusa Suzukien(壽々喜園 浅草本店), those kids of sweets. You can name it. Among them, my favorite sweets is Dorayaki at Kameju, which is located across the Kaminarimon.

This Dorayaki has the prominent feature which set it apart from the other. This feature is mottled burnt marks and very squishy, palm size’s pancake. The combination of the pancake and red beans paste is the best. It’s on the pricy side, 300 yen, but it’s totally worth it. When I visit this place with my friends, I can’t help buying the extra for my friends too. You will have to wait in queue for quite a long time.

The first thing people come up with when they hear the name of Seonso-ji is probably Sanjamatsuri(三社祭). However, I highly recommend Hozuki-Ichi(ほおずき市,Ground Cherry Pod Fair). It is called formally shiman rokusen nichi(四万六千日, forty six thousands days) because if you visit this place on this exact day, you will have the same effect as you have when you visit this place forty six thousands time the others days. Go visit this place and get a good luck.

ADDRESS:2-18-11, Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo


Writer with childrenMiKi
Writer with children, lives in Tokyo. She loves sweets. She used to eat only Western sweets but after her nurses suggested that she eat Wagashi to improve the breast-feeding problem, she noticed the deliciousness of Wagashi and has taken to eating Wagashi. She would like to let people know the information about the stores you will want to visit many times, you can buy souvenirs or you can go with your children.
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