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Like an “anmitsu” goodwill ambossodar

There are many sightseeing spots in Ueno, museums, Ameya-yokochou and Ueno zoo. It is not exaggerated to say that the cherry blossom in Ueno zoo is one of the most famous places in Japan. This is where my favorite Anmitsu store. “ Mihashi” stands.

The other day, a friend of mine recommended this store. She said Anmitsu the store offers is very delicious and she can’t help visiting this store regularly. She used to live in Tochigi prefecture and moved in Ueno. A few years later I came around to visiting the store, encouraged by her words and I was literary mesmerized.

It was not until I ate Anmitsu at Mihashi that I got interested in this Japanese sweet. At first I was not sure. I just visited this store just because my friend pestered me to go there. She described Anmitsu as the symphony of the flavor. She was right on the money!! Anko, syrup, Kanten(agar), boiled peas and fruits. All of them mixed together and make Anmitsu perfect. If you compare this sweet to sport, it’s like all-star team, including 10 professional level 10 athletes that make their team invincible. However, the most amazing thing about Anmitsu is that it is only 230 kcal.

I buy Anmitsu at this shop to give them to my friends or relatives as souvenirs, along with the message “ Eat them up today”. “ This is the best Anmitus I’ve ever tasted”, “ I want to eat the Anmitsu you bought for us the other day again”, “ Anmitsu doesn’t suit my liking but the one you bought for us was delicious and I want to try again” Those are the lines by my friends. I’ve been trying to get this sweet permeated across the country, putting emphasis on the symphony of this sweet.

Mihashi is very famous that you can hardly spend your time relaxing, like savoring Anmitsu with green tea in the store. I usually purchase Anmitsu at store and bring them back to my home and eat. I am so indecisive and always wonder whether add Shiratama(Japanese dumpling made from rice flour) or not. The taste of Shiratama goes stale as the time goes by, which means if you take them home it becomes less delicious. Today, as usual, I ended up buying ordinary one, without Shiratama.

ADDRESS:4-9-7, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo(Ueno Main Shop)
TEL:03-3831-0384(Ueno Main Shop)


Writer with childrenMiKi
Writer with children, lives in Tokyo. She loves sweets. She used to eat only Western sweets but after her nurses suggested that she eat Wagashi to improve the breast-feeding problem, she noticed the deliciousness of Wagashi and has taken to eating Wagashi. She would like to let people know the information about the stores you will want to visit many times, you can buy souvenirs or you can go with your children.
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