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Azuki beans well-balanced in amino acids

Azuki beans well-balanced in amino acids

Proteins serve as energy sources in addition to carbohydrates and lipids, but are not regular energy sources unlike the other two. They are backups when energy runs short. Proteins generate about 4 kilocalories of energy per gram.

In Azuki beans, the protein content, which is about 20 percent, is the second highest after starch. Although it is no match for soybeans which is also known as “the meat from fields”, Azuki beans contain nearly 60 percent of the protein amount in soybeans, and include three times as much proteins as polished rice does.



Written by Jun Kato PhD.

Jun KATO, PhD.​

Department of Nutritional Sciences​
Faculty of Health and Welfare Science​
Nayoro City University​

Former​ Director General
Donan Agricultural Experiment Station
Hokkaido Research Organization  


Source from 『小豆の力-日本人の心と体を支えるもの』

Translated by Azusa Yoshida.

Jun Kato Phd,


Japanese-English Translator

Azusa Yoshida is working as a translator for the industrial media for forest products. She is excited about the project to spread Japanese azuki beans to the world.
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