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Basic boiled azuki(red beans) —Don’t skip the Shibunuki, sugar free—

Basic boiled azuki(red beans) —Don’t skip the Shibunuki, sugar free—

Dried azuki(red beans) have thin skin, so you don’t have to soak those beans overnight.
Only you have to do is put those beans in the pot and spend time boiling them.

You might open the lid, wondering if those are coming along well. The nice smell permeates in the room as the time goes by and it will make you feel happy.

< Ingredient >

Serve 800g boiled beans

Azuki 300g
Water 600ml +200ml+600ml+additional water

< Instruction >

1 Rinse azuki(red beans). Rub them against each other. Not only the bean itself but also the white part( since this is where the water is absorbed.)
Don’t soak azuki like the other beans. ( The other beans absorb the water from their skins but azuki is exceptional)

2 Put those beans in the pour and add 600ml water into the pot immediately. Turn the heat on and boil them without lid. Till the water start boiling, keep the heat on high. After that add 200 ml water and keep boiling for another 5 min. Turn the heat off.


3 Throw away the water and put the azuki( red beans) into a sieve. Rinse them. It’s called “ Shibunuki”


4 Put those beans agin in the pot and add 600ml water. Turn the heat on high and boil them. Add 200 ml water again before you turn the heat down.

5 Leave those beans to simmer for 40~50 min. Make sure that the water always cover above the beans. Add water if you have to.


6 Smash those beans with hands to make sure that they are boiled enough.

< Bonus >

Skip the Shibunuki(step 3) or not

There are two types of azuki. The one is bigger called Dainagon, the other is smaller, ordinary azuki. The bigger one calls for step 3. It also depends on where they are made.
If they are made in Hokkaido, you can skip step 3 because you can cook them deliciously regardless whether you skip this process or not. But if they are made in China I highly recommend you do step 3.

Articles from Rie Morita, Morita Farm (A-Net Farm Tokachi Co.,Ltd). 


Azuki Editorial TeamChief EditorMika Wada
When I was struggling to strike the balance between raising her children and her work, Azuki rice or Azuki food helped her out to snap out of it and become healthy. Before this experience, she used to work at cosmetic industry and was aware of the importance of food for the beauty. After going through the tough experience, she started to want to contribute to the women’s beauty and make them happier through Azuki and started the business.
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