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Traditonal wagashi “Ohagi”

Traditonal wagashi “Ohagi”

Ohagi is very popular beans dessert and familiar to all Japanese people. There are various names of it, depending on the season or regions.

Just like that every family has their own respective recipe of cookies or muffins in the US or Europe, Japanese people have their own special recipes of “ohagi”. This is something that reminds you of your home town or your mother.

This is made by coating rice cake with read beans paste. Both rice and red beans contain high-nutrition, you can get so much energy easily and quickly from it. This has been loved by adults and children. It has been also Japanese traditional to offer this sweet to god.

In this article, I will introduce the recipe of Ohagi that you can make with microwave.

Ingredients ( for ten Ohagi)

glutinous rice    7 1/2 oz
water                  1 cup
red bean paste    14 oz

1.wash the mochi rice straight once, and pour out the water.



2.Stir the rice with your hands about twenty times in the bowl



3.As changing the water several times, wash the rice.



4.Add the one cup water and let rice soak this water
for more than one hour.( At most half a day)



5.Cover this bowl with the wrap and cook in microwave for 8 mins on 600w.



6.After taking it out from microwave, stir this rice and then put it in microwave again for 8 mins.

7.Stir it again and then smash it roughly with a spatula.
Wait till it gets no longer warm.



8.Wet your hands and separate the mixture
into 10 pieces and make a nice round circle.

9.Separate red beans pastes into 10 pieces and flatten them. Put the No. 8 and wrap it with red bean pastes.

Make 10 Ohagi like that.




Cook and writer about beauty and food.Naoko Okada
Cook and writer about beauty and food. She is very good at coming up with the ideas not only the flavor but also culinary performance. She also likes challenging and arranging the recipes, which are different from ordinary recipes in cooking books. When she come across the great Wagashi store, she can’t help spreading the informations and trying to make the same one.
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