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Planting Azuki beans

Planting Azuki beans

 I often received the inquiries about when we harvest those beans. Some customers even ask us to send new beans around August, which is not feasible at all. In this article, I would like to introduce red beans planting calendar.

1.Planting ( around May 25) … We plant those seeds with the machine. The reason that we plant in this season is that we do not have to worry about the frost.

2.Germinating ( around June 5) …Generally it takes about ten days for seeds to germinate. Two weeks later we will see three little leaves. It is said that red beans take time more than other beans in this process.

3.Blooming ( around July 15 ~ August 15) … A small, tiny yellow flowers bloom in this period behind the leaves. They are subtle, but cute.

4.Bearing fruits ( around August 15 ~ the end of September) … Subjected to the cold wind, the husk becomes dry. The leaves turn to yellow and soon after they fall.

5.Harvesting ( October ) … We harvest those beans under sunny and dry weather. First we cut those beans with the Beans Cutter and pick them up with Pick Up Harvester and get rid of the husk. Some farmers do Nio (please read our other article about Nio) without the machines.

6. Drying ( around the end of October ~ the middle of November) … Dried beans include impurities such as husk or steam, so we have to get rid of them with using wind and purge those which has been eaten by insects. The last part requires human hands. It is the most drudgery work.

7.Finish !! ( around the middle of November)… At length, we can send you our beans.

Editor Naoko Okada.
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