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How should azuki(red beans) be stored?

How should azuki(red beans) be stored?

Azuki is

  1.  susceptible to humidity and can stand aridity
  2.  susceptible to the heat and can stand cold
  3.  susceptible to insects and mice 

In this regard, azuki(red beans) should be stored in airtight container in cold place.

(1) About aridity

Store those beans in Ziploc with desiccant. Make sure that it’s airtight and  put them in the dark and cold place. Shield them from the heat or sunlight in order to prevent them from fungus

(2) How long?

It is said that you can store them for 1 year without jeopardizing the quality of beans at normal temperature. However, exposing them with high heat for long time is not a good idea. It could possibly make beans difficult to be boiled or taste bad.

If you want to store them for more than 1 year, I recommend you store them in the freezer. It would be convenient if you put them in the plastic bottles. You can take them out easily and cook.

(3) about insects

Beans are susceptible to the pest, especially the one called Kokuzou-mushi. This insects don’t exist in the cold place and apparently there is none of them in Hokkaido. However this insects prevail across the Japan through a year and it’s said that the number is increasing because of global warming. If you want to store them through a year, make sure those below three points.

  1.  Put them in the airtight container. If you use  paper bag, cover them with plastic bag.
    ( Don’t mix them with others crop. Store them in the separated container)
  2.  Store them in the dark and cold place. No sunlight.
  3.  Put one dried chili pepper in the container. or buy bug repellent for rice at the store.

Use them up as soon as possible. Even though they are dried cops.

Editor Naoko Okada.
Morita Farm(A-Net Farm Tokachi Co.,Ltd )Rie Morita.


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