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Azuki calms you down

Azuki calms you down

The book in Edo period; Honchou-Shokkan says that Azuki has fallowing effects.

・Calms you down

・Increase urination

・Reduce pain and inflammation


・Increase your milk supply

・Neutralize fish poison

It is said that Azuki was used as medicine to restrain yourself.

No wonder people eat Wagashi(Japanese traditional sweet) with green tea so that it will help them calm down.

Editor Naoko Okada.
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Cook and writer about beauty and food.Naoko Okada
Cook and writer about beauty and food. She is very good at coming up with the ideas not only the flavor but also culinary performance. She also likes challenging and arranging the recipes, which are different from ordinary recipes in cooking books. When she come across the great Wagashi store, she can’t help spreading the informations and trying to make the same one.
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