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How to make Stock Azuki with thermos flask

How to make Stock Azuki with thermos flask

Basically when you boil Azuki(red beans) you have to stay put with pot to keep eyes on it.
However, thermos flask saves you the time.
You also don’t have to worry about boiling them too much.
On top of that, it saves gas or electricity price as well.

How to make stock Azuki

  1. Boil the water
  2. Rinse 75g Azuki and put them into thermos flask
  3. Pour boiled water into thermos flask and cover it with lid.
  4. Shake the bottle so that heat pervade equally. Lay it down on the table.
  5. Leave it for 6~8 hours.



Stock Azuki goes stale easily and quickly.
In order to prevent that, add 1/2 tea spoon’s salt and put stock Azuki in the refrigerator.

If those beans are not heated enough, it might cause nausea or diarrhea.
The required duration of boiling is different depend on the thermos flask.
Until you get the hang of it, please make sure that there are not white core left.
If they are not heated enough, nuke them or boil them with pot.

How to make Tubu-Ann with stock Azuki

  1. Take the lid off and separate Azuki from soup.
  2. Add soup until stock Azuki (7oz) are submerged.
  3. Once those Azuki are boiled, add sugar (21.12oz) and salt( a little bit)
  4. Stir them. Be careful not to smash them
  5. If they became no more saturated, it’s finished.

How to make Seki-han (red beans rice) with stock Azuki

  1.  Separate stock Azuki and soup. Prepare rinsed mochi-rice (21.12oz)
  2.  Pour soup into that moch-rice.( If you pour soup from higher position,
    it precipitate the oxidation of anthocyanin and turns to vivid red)
    ( Pour soup until the sign for 19oz) ( Add water if you need)
  3.  Add stock Azuki (3.52oz) and cook rice with rice cooker.

How to make Azuki soup with stock Azuki

Azuki 50g
Boiled water 400ml
Salt   a little bit
Consomme cube  1

  1.  Put rinsed Azuki into thermos flask and leave it for more than 6 hours.
  2.  When Azuki become soft, add consommé cube and salt.


How to make marinade with stock Azuki


Stock Azuki 50 g
Carrot 50 g
Orange 1
Olive oil   tea spoon 2
Lemon     tea spoon 1
Salt        small tea spoon 1/4

  1. Slice carrots
  2. Get rid of the skin of orange and take the fruits parts out
  3. Mix stock Azuki and 1, 2 and seasoning. You can also add other beans if you want


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